Kosher Certification continues to grow in Thailand!

Thai Tai Agriculture Co was founded in 1981, operating on a small 2 acre facility west of Bangkok, Thailand. After 11 years of production a larger facility on 40 acres was built in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Today Thai Tai Agriculture produces over 5.5 million tons of Ginger each year. As one of leading producers in the Ginger Market, they saw the benefit of gaining Kosher Certification through Kosher Check.

Over the past decade the demand for Kosher Certification has increased dramatically. The Kosher market has been growing at an annual rate of 15% for the past several years and products bearing Kosher Certification continue to outsell both Organic and All Natural. In order to keep up with demand and as Companies in North America and Europe look to new sources of Ingredients, they increasingly turn to Asian countries such as Thailand for new sources.

Thailand grown produce have become legendary the world over. The Hot Tropical Climate and abundant rainfall in Thailand are ideal growing conditions for a variety of produce which, are among the most diverse to be found anywhere. Thailand is the fifth largest producer of Ginger in the World. Ginger is widely used in Thai cooking and is believed to have medicinal properties including anti-inflammation and improved blood circulation. As demand products continues to increase, more and more producers in Thailand continue to turn to Kosher Certification to assist them in opening new markets.

Kosher Check is a globally accepted Kosher Certification, providing Kosher supervision on five continents to food manufacturers such as Merck, Kerry Foods, Kemin Bioscience, Post Food Group, Scoular to name a few. Gaining Kosher Certification through Kosher Check can help increase sales as well as potential private label business.