Frequently Asked Questions

Once I become Kosher certified can I expand my product line? Is there an additional cost for this?

Prior to certification, your company will be visited by a Rabbinic Representative of Kosher Check. At that time we will discuss with you everything that will be required in order to make your facility kosher, in addition to what products can be certified kosher. Once certification is granted, you are free at anytime to add additional products. There is no additional charge to add products bearing the company's own label.

There are many Kosher Certification Agencies, how do I know that I will be able to sell my product to a company certified by a different Agency?

Kosher Check is very proud to be on the short list of reliable and recognized member-organizations of the Association for Kashrut Organizations. (AKO)[1]. With the Kosher Check symbol you can rest assured that your products will be marketable, recognized, and widely accepted. Just as importantly, Kosher Check is proud of the relationships we have developed and nurtured with our clients. It is with our excellent customer service, as well as our reasonable fee structure, that we have created such a solid reputation in this industry.

If I want to add an additional product, how long will it take me to receive the updated certificate once I have placed the request?

Kosher Check is pleased to offer Kosher Check online - a seamless process for making product requests. In addition to managing your ingredient list and kosher certificates, Kosher Check Online makes managing the Kosher program easy and hassle free. Once a request is placed, you will usually receive an approval notice within 24 hours. If more information is required, a representative of our office will be in contact to follow up.

What help will I get from Kosher Check in sourcing new ingredients?

In rare circumstances you may have trouble in sourcing a particular Kosher ingredient. Kosher Check maintains a vast database of ingredients for its clients. Should you run into trouble, we will be more than happy to assist you in finding an alternative ingredient.

I have a Halal certificate. Do I also need a kosher certificate?

Kosher and Halal are very different. Halal is food that adheres to the Muslim dietary laws and Kosher is according to the Jewish dietary laws. Although kosher and halal do have some similarities, they are not equivalent. One has to get each of them separately and keep the conditions of their laws respectively. It should be noted that, in North America, many Muslims will purchase products bearing a Kosher Symbol.

Are All Kosher Check products Bishul Yisroel?

Jewish Law does not require Bishul Yisroel in all circumstances. For example foods that can be eaten raw or would not be served at a royal banquet do not require Bishul Yisroel. All products certified Bishul Yisroel are clearly marked.

Does Kosher mean that the Rabbi blesses the food or equipment?

Before a Jewish person eats or drinks we are required to recite a blessing since we are deriving pleasure from the substance that we are about to consume. Although it is always a pleasure to make another company kosher, no blessing is required.

My product is artificially made and does not use any animal-based ingredients in the production of this product. Can I give a declaration to this effect instead of having to pay for a kosher certificate?

First of all there are many ingredients and processing aids which may have been derived from animal products. These include ingredients such as Stearic Acid or L-Cysteine. A general declaration does not really give the information that a consumer or a client is seeking. They are usually looking for an independent inspection and verification. Even though your product may be made using artificial ingredients, there might be additional processes that still require a kosher certificate and inspection to verify that it does adhere to the guidelines.