Kosher Certification continues to grow in India - India's largest Sorbitol producer gains Kosher Check Certification

Over the past decade the demand for Kosher Certified products has increased dramatically. The Kosher market has been growing at an annual rate of 15% for the past several years and kosher certified products continue to outsell both Organic and All Natural. In order to keep up with demand and as Food Manufacturers in North America and Europe looks to new sources of Ingredients, they increasingly turn to Asian countries such as India for new sources.

India has the World's second largest population, third largest economy and is the World's second largest producer of food next to China. AC Nielsen recently named India as a hotspot for food manufacturers, food producers and food ingredient professionals and the country is now becoming an integral part of the global food ingredient network. Given this trend, India has become one of the most important destinations for food investment, with the food industry growing at an annual rate of 17%. As Food exports continue to increase in India, many Indian food manufacturers are now turning to Kosher Certification to assist them in gaining new markets and increased sales.

As a part of this trend Kasyap Sweetners, India's largest producer of Sorbitol recently turned to Kosher Check to gain an internationally recognized and accepted Kosher Certification.