Dragons go Coconuts for newly Kosher Certified Dairy Free Dessert

Hidden on a small farm South of Lethbridge Alberta, two young brothers J.R and Dawson Wikkerink have built a company that is fast becoming one of Western Canada’s fastest growing Non-Dairy Ice Cream Brands. It started back in 2010, Joseph had already joined the Wikkerink family from his native Haiti and was settling into family life in Southern Alberta. Meanwhile his brother David was still stuck in Haiti when the earthquake struck. Forced from his home to live in a tent and while homeless developed cholera.

Meanwhile back in Lethbridge, J.R. had recently celebrated his birthday and was given an Ice Cream Maker as a gift. J.R. had started making Coconut Milk Ice Cream for his younger brother Dawson who was lactose Intolerant. He started using coconut milk because it gave a rich texture and mainly because it was not an allergen. J.R. was convinced that there must be something he could do to help his adopted brother David in Haiti who was still at the orphanage. “I wanted to do something to help the orphanage” says J.R. He used the money from the profits he raised to send money back to Joseph and David’s orphanage. Today Screamin Brothers donates 5% of their net profit to various children’s charities including BC’S Children’s Hospital.

Initially J.R. and Dawson started selling to family and friends, then they started selling at the local Farmers market, where they sold out every time they bought their frozen treats. With a shortage of Dairy free Ice Cream J.R. and Dawson heard many comments about how much a product like theirs is needed in the marketplace. They moved from a small ice cream maker to a larger ice cream maker to keep up with demand. This was Dawson’s idea “to make it bigger so we can help more children” Within a short space of time Grocery stores were asking if they could carry it.

The increase in production has created challenges for the Wikkerink family farm in southern Alberta. What used to be a beef and poultry operation has become a Dairy Free Frozen Dessert plant, with parents Wayne and Ann Wikkerink taking on roles to assist the boys. When asked how did you come up with your name, the boys answer “because David and Joseph like to scream”

Today over 200 retail stores across Canada sell Screamin Brothers Dairy Free Desserts. They are available in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. Including leading supermarkets such as Coopers Market, Thrifty’s and Save on Foods.

To watch the boys presentation on Dragon's Den scroll to the 35 minute mark.

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