Dr. Bee is a proud producer and purveyor of naturally nutritious honey bee products in support of healthy lifestyles. We are committed to producing all-natural, 100% pure honey bee products that you can trust.

Dr. Bee produces a variety of honey bee products including bee pollen, bee propolis and a variety of pure and gourmet honey. Our scientific approach and commitment to sustainable beekeeping practices produce superior beehives. We believe that strong, healthy beehives are the foundation of quality honey bee products with maximum nutritious benefits.

Founded in 1996 by Dr. Ron Lin (PhD in Bee Science, Simon Fraser University), what started with just sixteen beehives has grown into one of the most well respected honey bee operations in Western Canada. Our decades of experience have allowed us to perfect our methodology to produce pure products that continually challenge industry standards. We are pleased to include Kosher Check in our growing list of certifications, making our honey bee products accessible to even more people.