Newly Certified - Molino del Genil S.L.

Molino del Genil S.L. was founded in 2008 and its objective is the search for excellence, from the field to the oil mill through the best cultivation practices, careful harvesting, exquisite extraction and delicate conservation.

The factory has the most modern facilities that guarantee the extraction of the best extra virgin olive oil (conventional and organic). The different lines of reception, selection, screening and cleaning, together with cold grinding and different quality controls guarantee the best extracted olive oil. We currently have a milling capacity exceeding 1.5 million kg of olives per day and our own laboratory in the facility that allows us to characterize all the extra virgin oil produced before its storage. The warehouse has been expanded several times to reach a capacity of 18 million kg of oil at this time. These modern facilities allow us to load any format requested in bulk (tanks (25 tons), flexitanks (21 tons) and other containers of different capacities) and bottled.

The company pays special attention to quality improvement and has achieved certifications of ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTION, BCR and IFS covering all industrial and food safety requirements in accordance with the principles established in the Food Codex.

Adding Kosher Check Certification has been a very important step for our export business.

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