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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Certification Agency

Are you thinking about going kosher in Canada? There are several agencies that offer kosher certification, so selecting the right agency for your needs can be a difficult task. You have to interview several agencies until you find one that offers great service and is recognized by your clientele. The following are 5 factors you ought to consider when selecting an agency that offers kosher certification in Canada.

1. Local rabbi vs. large agency

When you’re evaluating the pros and cons of various agencies that will help you go kosher, one important factor you’ll have to consider is whether getting a kosher certification from a local rabbinical council is sufficient. If you’re a local retailer and all of your customers are in the local area, getting the local rabbinical council to provide you with kosher supervision is a good idea. For example, if you own a local bakery, getting kosher supervision from a local rabbi is recommended since the rabbi is familiar with the unique preferences of his particular constituency. If you sell your product in many different cities, however, call the local rabbinical councils in those areas to determine which national or international kosher agency is accepted by their constituents. The last thing you’d want is to invest time and money getting a kosher certification, only to realize that the certification is not recognized or accepted by some of your customers!

2. Ask the agencies if your current suppliers are acceptable to them

When you’re interviewing different kosher agencies, ask them if your current suppliers are acceptable to them. Switching suppliers can be a huge hassle, so you’re better off going kosher in Canada with an agency that accepts your current suppliers.

3. Go kosher in Canada with an agency that has knowledge of your industry

For the best results, go kosher in Canada with an agency that has knowledge of your particular industry. The rabbi who visits your plant should have a basic understanding of the systems and technologies you use, or you’ll undoubtedly run into trouble during the certification process. For example, if you create food chemicals like citric acid, the rabbi should be familiar with processes like industrial fermentation. An unknowledgeable rabbi may mistakenly prevent you from introducing unapproved raw ingredients or new procedures if he doesn’t understand how and if they affect a product’s kosher status.

4. Regular plant visits made by a rabbi from the agency’s home office

If you go kosher in Canada with a large agency, there’s a possibility that the agency will send a local rabbi to visit your plant on a periodic basis to oversee its ongoing compliance. There should be oversight from the agency’s home office, however, so standards remain consistent. At least one inspection should be made by a rabbi from the agency’s home office each year.

5. Employs state-of-the-art technology

Going kosher in Canada? Be sure to select a kosher agency that employs state-of-the-art technology to track ingredients. As food production becomes increasingly complex, it’s essential for companies to computerize their information. This is especially important when you consider than a single company could use thousands of different ingredients.

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