Vortex 9.5 is electrolyte-enhanced performance water that feeds your body and your lifestyle.

Bottled in Vancouver, BC, Vortex 9.5 has added Potassium-rich electrolytes with an active pH of 9.5 to provide the benefits of naturally occurring electrolytes. Our vortex activated process results in increased oxygen levels and optimal mineral absorption that fuels balance, hydration, and replenishment.


Blueberry juice is a scare commodity due to an inherently challenging production. Berrilicous and Berrie are unique as they both use blueberry and cranberry juice that comes from a local, 4th generation family-owned farm. These juices are high-quality by-products that were previously left unused, making every bottle of Berrilicious take action towards reducing food waste.

Lemon/Lime/OJ/GF are 100% pure juice made direct from farms that grow ingredients.

All of our juices have gone through High Pressure Processing (HPP) to increase their shelf life, preventing early spoilage. HPP is a cold-pasteurization that ensures the freshness of products for an extended period of time.